About Me

About Me

My name is Shaheer and I love blogging, gaming and cyber security. I joined the blogosphere back in the early days of 2013, and like most new people who join blogging I also did many mistakes while I was learning blogging and Google blogger platform. 

Blogging was quite a challenge for me to learn in the beginning, I got help from a really close friend of mine who is a wizard when it comes to blogger. I used to ask him for help when I got stuck in doing something, by time I also started reading tutorials and watching videos on SEO, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I bought my first ever domain in late 2013 and started off with my first blog, I learned almost every main function and feature of Blogger whilst making that blog to reach its goals, and it is earning me a good amount of money with Ad revenues. At the time of writing that blog is still live and is attracting a decent number of daily visitors.

I have to say blogging is quite a challenge when you start from the bottom and make your way up. I still don't call myself a professional because this helps me in finding out more about different things related to blogging. Blogging is not about money and fame only; it is about sharing your findings and knowledge to other people.

It takes quite good number of months until your blog starts to get indexed faster by crawlers and appearing in Serp. So please be patient, keep posting unique content and Do Not copy other peoples hard work because it will earn you nothing.

I am currently doing a BTEC Level 3 Information Technology course in college and hopefully look forward to progress onto University to do Software Engineering. Follow me on Google Plus and Twitter.

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